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Tinsel Town is a Christmas BBW Contemporary stories, one that actually merged two ideas I had floating in my mind. A strong woman who has to go back to her hometown for the holidays, and a man who’s indulged in watching her from afar for months, makes for a very interesting plot. Toss in the fact that Kate’s a gorgeous ex high school nerd who plays in a symphony, and Clive’s a professor of Sexual Studies who looks like a dark haired dream in jeans, and you have a loaded keg of gun powder. All we need is a friend who decides to help Kate out by giving her the gift of a man for the holidays, and you have the match! I hope enjoy this excerpt from Tinsel Town.

Kate checked her appearance in the cheval mirror…again. Tugging at the jersey material, she cast a critical eye on the neckline and again at the empire waist. She supposed it was conservative enough without being too sexy; still, she didn’t want to look like a frump, either. God knew it was almost impossible to find a dress that might impress a professional escort; adding her figure into the equation didn’t exactly leave her many options. Picnic blanket with head and armholes, or overly laced, cut down to her navel and up to her bikini line? With her body type, finding something in between was harder than it should have been. Luckily, she had just enough sewing experience to be able to alter the less-than-flattering outfits into something a bit more sophisticated. Still, she wasn’t sure if the sky blue material flattered her curves or accentuated them too much. Was the upswept hair too businesslike? Were the dark heels too risqué? Did she have on too much makeup? Exactly how did one dress for a man who was, according to his contract, supposed to be her own personal cabana boy? And since she had no intention of going through with the ludicrous plan, did it matter?

Sighing, she swung away from her image and made a grab for her purse. She would like to say it didn’t matter, but the fact that she’d waxed every available piece and part of her body spoke volumes. At least she could tell the man thanks but no thanks feeling sexy.

She was just considering her tried-and-true black symphony dress when the doorbell rang. Immediately, her stomach rolled into a twist, and her heart made a giant leap for her throat. She checked her watch, seven o’clock, exactly on time. She couldn’t decide if his punctuality was a plus or a minus.

“I don’t suppose it’s nice to leave a man standing out there all night.”

Taking a deep breath, Kate hurried from her bedroom. When she reached the door, she stopped to smooth down her dress, which gave her a moment to gather her thoughts. Might as well get this over with, she decided, and quickly set a smile into place. The greeting on her lips died a quick, hot death when she saw who was standing there.

“Two thirteen.” The numbers eked out on a tight breath.

“Hello, Ms. Frazier.”

His voice was, as usual, smooth, dark, and stunningly erotic. Licking her lips, she shook her head and looked around the deserted hallway.

“Um, yes, hello. I, uh, can I help you?”

He sent her a smile that did unspeakably wicked things to her insides. “Actually, I was under the impression that I was here to help you.”