Legacy Cover
Fortress Title

For me Legacy was a labor of love. It’s one of the longest books I’ve written, but it demanded a slow story, along with a slow resolution and revolution of emotions. I think we’ve all known what it’s felt like to be in a place where you’re on the outside looking in. Where something from your past creates a situation you find hard to forget, forgive, and move on from. This is a story about that, and about coming to grips with what really makes a person.

Taking a deep breath Grace lifted herself from the deep-set garden bath, sloshing water gently as she climbed out. Neatly pushing her thoughts aside, she wrapped herself in a thick, white towel and stared at herself in the newly cleaned mirror. Slowly, she leaned over the long, white topped double sink and scrutinized her wet reflection. She looked tired, she decided, and a bit harassed. And well she should, after her run in with Nick.

He had a point. She couldn’t deny the undercurrent that was like a popping roll of lightning. It was always there, always pushing at the edges of her mind and her body whenever Nick was within a hundred yards. She didn’t even want to think about what his mother had said earlier in the day.

Straightening her shoulders, she stepped out of the bathroom...and into near dark. She wrinkled her brow and stared through the thin light that was trickling in from the not quite closed door. Odd, she wouldn’t think that Nick would have left the light off.

“I got the bed done.”

His voice made her jump, sending a quick shiver of awareness down her spine. She was suddenly keenly conscious of the fact that she was completely naked underneath the damp terrycloth of her towel.

“You...you’re still here?”

“I realized I didn’t want to go anywhere.”

She saw him move into the murky luminescence that spilled in from the hallway, took in his dark shadow and the play of light over his shoulders...his bare shoulders. She felt her body quicken, her lips swelling and moistening, her breasts tingling and her nipples tightening. Oh, God, he was naked. He was naked in her room. He’d put the bed together. The king sized bed.

“I realized that I could have walked out. Then I thought, if I go away, if I leave you tonight, I’ll regret it. I don’t want to regret anything when it comes to you, not one damn thing.” He walked towards her, his movements as sleek as a panther.

She trembled when he came toe to toe with her, his handsome face suddenly filling her vision. She could smell him, all fresh soap and musky man. Obviously he’d had a shower, probably in the guest bath. The thought of him nude just a few feet away from where she’d been soaking made the wetness that was gathering between her legs dampen her thighs. He stared down at her, and even in the semi-dark she could see the bright intensity of his black eyes.

“I don’t want you to regret anything, either, Grace.” He reached out, let his fingers trail gently down her cheek. “You’ve given so much of yourself for so long; you’ve wrapped yourself so tight inside that you’ve forgotten to take care of yourself. How long has it been since you let down your guard long enough to be touched...really touched?”

“My night with you,” she breathed before she could stop herself.