Unspoken Sins Tempoary Cover
Unspoken Sins Title
“Lawless” is the very first m/m erotic romance that I've written. Andy and Jeb were absolutely wonderful to write about, and so easy to really fall in love with. I liked that both of them were flawed, and both were at fault for the demise of their relationship. But what was a true joy was seeing them rectify their issues and come back together in such a strong way. I hope you all enjoy this excerpt.

Jeb’s eyes squinted in a scowl as his feet ate up the beach underneath him. He was an hour late starting his run, which meant less time to clear his mind and get his thoughts together. After the night he’d spent, he needed a few minutes to steady his thoughts.

Andy had been in his brain again.  His memory was like a virus, eating into his dreams and stealing his rest. He didn’t know which was worse, the possible fantasies his mind created, or the days and nights he couldn’t seem to forget.

Andy had always wanted to learn. He’d wanted to know, to experience, to feel everything. Jeb had been only slightly more experienced, but he was more than willing to teach him what he knew, and learn other techniques along with him. He’d enjoyed being dominant with Andy, because Andy had made it a whole experience. When they had been together, there hadn’t been any emptiness; there had only been the desire to make him happy, to anticipate what he wanted before he even knew it was what he desired. Seeing the look on Andy’s face, watching the ecstasy, the sheer sensual joy, had been more intoxicating and addictive than any illegal substance.

Maybe that’s why he felt like he was going through withdrawal again. Shakes, anxiety, twitches, nightmares, scattered thoughts…the list went on. His drug of choice was dangling in front of him, just out of reach, and he knew he had to deny himself.

He shouldn’t have kissed him. Jeb knew it had been a mistake the second he’d laid his mouth on Andy’s. Yet, it was something that had felt inevitable. Just a taste, just another hint of what it had been like, and now he was in hell.

He took the curve at a fast run, steaming ahead in the hopes of wearing out some of his sexual frustration. When he saw the man climbing out of the water his body froze, his forward momentum grinding to a complete stop. He blinked, focused, and blinked again. He wasn’t sure if he was having some sort of strange erotic day terror, or if his thoughts had conjured up Andy’s image. Then he moved, his wet boxers dripping along his legs as he bent over to dry his legs with his plaid shirt. No, this was no mirage; he was very real.

Jeb swallowed as he watched Andy move; his muscles flexed and bowed, his hands following the sinewy lines of his body. One of the water gods had come to shore, he thought, and had to swallow again. His cock came to complete life, straining painfully against the restrictive material of his underwear. His balls tingled and tightened, the sensation shooting heated vibrations just underneath his skin.

Damn it, he’d warned him. He’d told Andy if he stayed he couldn’t promise not to touch him. And here he was, directly in his path, deliberately tempting him.

He didn’t listen to the small voice in his head that told him he was being illogical. He strode across the space that separated them, barely registering the shock on Andy’s handsome face when he turned.

“I told you,” he ground out. “I told you what would happen.”

He pulled Andy against him, pausing only long enough to watch flames leap into his blue eyes.