Jory to the World Cover
Ecataromance Reviewer's Choice Award Nominee
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Joey to the World is special to me for two reasons: this was my first Christmas themed book, and my first BBW. It also incorporates something I know a little bit about: working on the radio. I wondered what it must be like to not just introduce music and read news reports, but to take calls and hear all the interesting stories from listeners. Josephine took that job, and Sam became the man who had to have her for his own. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A moment later she hung up the phone -- and smacked the back of her hand into the brown paper wrapped package. Curious, she picked it up and weighed it in her hands. It was most definitely a book, she decided. But why in the world would he send her something like that?

She sat back up and studied the wrapping a second before tearing into it. When the brown paper was torn away she found herself staring at a bland cover. The kind of cover that belied the contents of the book. She recognized the title, knew it as an erotic tale, and lifted her eyebrow. This, she decided, was definitely interesting. She turned it over carefully, noting the way the spine was creased and the pages were worn. Obviously it had been read before.

Cautiously, she began flipping through the story, pausing when she saw highlighted passages. She stopped and read one, only to feel the blood rush to her crotch and the tips of her breasts. It was a highly provocative passage, one that just hinted at the possibility of bondage and submission.

Joey blinked several times, letting out a long breath as she quickly flipped to the first page. There, tucked between the introductory and chapter one was a small note. She pulled it loose and unfolded it, slightly shaken when she realized it was a typed message from her on-line admirer.


I sent you one of my favorite books with all the best parts highlighted. I hope you don’t think this is too forward of me, but I felt that you and I probably have the same tastes in...certain kinds of literature. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do.


What was shocking was that he was right. She did know this book. She’d had a battered copy of it for years, until it had finally fallen apart. But she’d never had anyone show her their favorite scenes like this. It was titillating, a tiny bit intimidating, and nearly too intimate. And yet she couldn’t bring herself to put the book down. Instead, she found herself curling deeper into the couch and scanning the pages with avid eyes. She read the passages that were tinted in yellow, and felt her blood pressure rising with each word. The images the words evoked were highly erotic, drawing out all the heated fantasies she harbored in her own head. Half an hour later she was wiggling in her seat. An hour later she was breathing heavily and was almost mindless with need.