Fallen Angel

He watched through her window as she fell into sleep, her face a mask of serenity. She confounded him, challenged him, made him want things that he shouldn’t. She was a temptation, and she didn’t even know it. As badly as he wanted to physically touch her, he knew he couldn’t; she was a fallen angel, her memory lost for as long as she remained on earth to experience life as a human. He was an overseer, the man charged with keeping her safe until her time here was through. He was a demon in need of redemption; she was an ethereal being, even if she couldn’t remember that fact. To take her would be to destroy her. But he knew where he could be with her, where he could find her and touch her. Even as she drifted further and further into the dark velvet of sleep, he closed his eyes and allowed his mind to float into the shadows of the night. It didn’t take long to find the bright, lucid light of her dreams.

He stepped into a sun-drenched meadow, his dark eyes squinting as thousands of daisies bounced happily in the breeze. She stood in the middle of the field, her long red-gold hair twirling around the billowing white gown she wore. He only had a moment to study her before she saw him, her sky-blue eyes unerringly finding him. With a tilt of her head, she beckoned him towards her. He couldn’t deny her request.

She watched him walk hesitantly into the light, his dark skin glowing in the blinding rays of the sun. Handsome…so handsome. His hair had been shorn off, leaving his brutally handsome face stark and unframed. His deep-set eyes were so dark that she couldn’t tell where the pupil ended and the iris began. His body, so large and well muscled, was bare except for a pair of well-worn jeans. He was tall, well over six feet, and as he drew closer she felt nearly dwarfed. He should have intimidated her; instead, his presence sent tiny thrills through her blood.

He was always here in her dreams, always seemed to watch over her, in both the darkest and brightest corners of her mind. She never questioned why her thoughts would conjure up the image of the same undeniably gorgeous man time after time; she was just glad that he was there when she closed her eyes.

When he came to a halt in front of her, she reached up her fingers to stroke his face. His skin was hot to the touch, the heat racing through her hand to coil around her veins. She considered speaking, but she was afraid to break whatever spell he seemed to cast on her. Instead, she stood on her toes, lifted her head, and gently pressed her lips to his.

The reaction was an immediate explosion of sensations and desire. She sighed deep in her throat as his mouth claimed hers, his teeth tasting and sampling. She jolted when his tongue reached out to lave the seam of her lips, coaxing and tempting. Without thought she did as he silently asked, opening to him, melting against his bare chest as he began exploring her recesses. Her tongue met his, touched, tangled, and mated; her stomach weaved into knots as an insistent throbbing began to pulse at the juncture of her thighs. She felt her breasts begin to swell while her muscles tightened in the dance of anticipation. Would he stop this time? Would he walk away as he had before, leaving her unfulfilled? Or would he stay and take her over the edge into the ecstasy filled unknown?

He felt her body silently beg him for more. Always he’d stopped before it went too far; he’d never dared to step over the invisible line for fear that he’d never be able to survive without his angel. But something was different tonight. Something was a bit more desperate, a bit more needy. Did her subconscious understand that her time on earth was running out? Could this be her attempt to experience the one thing that she’d denied herself in the waking world? She wanted him, he knew that by her touch and taste. Could he deny her tonight?

She locked her fingers in his hair and pulled him closer, the need to simply dissolve inside him a heady and exciting craving. Her hips pressed against him, and she felt the evidence of his most basic desire press against her soft flesh. He was hard and full, more than ready for what came after kissing. She was more than ready, too, so she strengthened their kiss, deepening it to the point of wild need. She felt the moment he responded. His hands clenched behind her back, pulling her completely against him, smashing her gentle curves into his hard contours. His kiss became ravenous, devouring her as her mind was absorbed with vivid, intertwining colors and the sound of his harsh breathing.

He brought them to the ground, cradling her carefully in his arms as they went. She found her hands splayed against his naked chest and hummed, enjoying his now damp flesh underneath her fingertips. She began to make slow, easy patterns against his skin, gently digging her fingernails into his tough muscles as she created her designs. She heard him growl in approval and frustration and answered with a moan of her own. His hands skimmed up her hips and over her ribcage before finally coming to her tender breasts. He cupped the pliant globes in his large hands, squeezing and molding them gently. She felt her body begin to tighten, the engorged flesh between her legs sweltering and moistening. His mouth moved away from hers, drawing a quick groan of protest from her throat. Then his lips were on her neck, his hands ripping away the flimsy silk that covered her body. She gasped as his scorching skin touched her own, his body covering her as his mouth trekked down further. When his teeth clamped delicately around one hard nipple she hissed and bowed, her naked thighs instinctively wrapping around his denim clad hips.

She cradled his hard erection, moving restlessly against him as he nipped and laved her breasts. A desperate need clawed inside of her, clamoring for more. Wild with passion, she pushed at his jeans, fumbling with her fingertips as she tried to shove them down. He lifted his hips from hers only long enough to rid his body of the covering. Then he was there, gloriously naked between her thighs, his mouth reclaiming hers. He pulled away for a fraction of a moment, his fathomless eyes searching her face for one endless breath of time. With his gaze still on her, he sheathed himself inch by long inch, expanding her with excruciating fullness. She let out a deep moan of satisfaction, glorying in the way he fit inside of her. He filled her completely, then paused for a moment, resting his forehead against hers as if he needed to gain his composure.

Slowly, he began moving with a gentle rocking motion, his shaft sliding in and out of her slick walls. The friction was nearly unbearable as he pushed her slowly, drawing out her desire with smooth strokes. Her head began to thrash as something deep inside her began to bunch and coil, the tendrils of need spiraling out to stroke every hidden spot in her body. Absently, she picked up the pace, her hips lifting and falling, pulling him deeper. She felt herself poised on the edge of something glorious, something that was elusive but vital. She gasped in need, hissing as she reached for it. Then suddenly his fingers were on her, the tips thrumming the painful point of her desire. The moment they played over the hard nub, she hurtled over, her voice singing out as the world splintered into bright, cascading points of light. Her muscles tensed, her spine arching as the universe exploded inside her.

He watched her go, felt her walls quake and tighten around him. He ground his teeth together, waited until he knew she was well into her climax before he let go. His growl was loud and feral as he tumbled into his release, the world contracting to a tiny dot before suddenly exploding and pouring through him. Finally spent, he carefully rolled to his side, bringing her with him.

They lay tangled in the sun warmed grass for endless moments, their sweating bodies cooling in the soft breeze. She curled against him, her head resting on his shoulder as she sighed contentedly.

“My angel,” he whispered before dropping a kiss on her head.

My angel,” she replied, fisting a protective hand against his heart.

“I’m no angel,” he told her gruffly, tightening his arm around her shoulders.

“But you are. You’re mine. You always will be, no matter what happens.”

Closing his eyes against the small prick of pain, he rested his cheek against the top of her head and swallowed the knot in his throat. Even if she didn’t remember him when she ascended back into heaven, he knew that he had more in these dreams with her than he’d ever had in his real or demon life. She had shown him what it was to find your heart…and to give it to someone freely. He would have that, and he would have the memories of the stolen moments in her dreams. His fallen angel had given him more than she could have ever imagined. She’d given him hope and love. And as long as he kept that inside of himself, he would always have her with him.