A Stranger Affair

She stood in the large office, her amber eyes taking in the polished wood and heavy paneling of the masculine workspace. She shouldn’t have come. This was a crazy idea, an insane thought that should never have been considered. She shifted and felt the brush of the long suit jacket that she wore over her lacy undergarments…and nothing else. When the inspiration had struck the night before, she’d latched onto it with a pounding heart and wicked smile. But now she was here, in the empty office of the man who’d been seducing her through his window for weeks now, and she was feeling distinctly uncomfortable.

She remembered the first night she’d seen him. It had been late, and she’d been slaving over a difficult case. When she’d looked out her window she’d seen him there, framed in the soft glow of his desk lamp as he’d stared out at the traffic below. Curious, she’d stood and gone to her telescope to get a close up view of the man across the street. And what a view it had been! Thick dark hair, wide, well-muscled shoulders, and a long lean torso encased in a blue silk shirt. When he’d turned his green eyes to her she’d felt it down to her bones. He’d given her a crooked smile…and she’d given him one back. It had all started innocently enough; she couldn’t say when it had become so…racy. At first, it was only the discarding of a suit jacket, the loosening of a shirt. As the days passed, it had turned into a slow striptease that had taken them both down to their slacks. Just last week, she’d shimmied down to her lacy undergarments without a second thought. He’d done the same for her, watching with an intensity that had frightened her. And then he’d beckoned her over to his side of the street. That one gesture had burst the bubble of fantasy, making her more scared than intrigued. She hadn’t stayed late at the office since. But she’d still thought about him. So much, in fact, that she’d researched the stranger. Now she knew his name, his vital statistics, and his choice of career. Who knew that an ex-cop turned detective could be so blatantly sexy?

But it was neither here nor there. The question at the moment was, should she stay or should she go? Should she do the very first truly risqué thing in her life and wait for him? Or should she run back to the safety of her lonely apartment? Taking a deep breath, she set her shoulders and thrust out her chin. She was a lawyer, for God’s sake. She’d faced worse adversaries in the courtroom. Surely she could handle one man in the privacy of his snug little office.

Resolved, she settled into the leather couch against the far wall and prepared herself to wait.

He walked into his office, exhausted, hungry, and sexually frustrated. He’d been gone for three long days, and the whole time he’d been staking out the estate of the rich widow he’d been thinking about the woman across the street. Sighing to himself, he dropped his bags unceremoniously on the polished wood floor. He was reaching for the phone when he saw her, curled on his couch asleep. His mouth nearly dropped open, his heart giving a heavy lurch as his gaze wandered over the curves of the mystery woman.

So, she’d finally found the nerve to come to him. It sure as hell had taken her long enough. God knew he’d been tortured by those little teasing stripteases by the self-contained woman. He knew all about her, of course; sometimes it paid to be a P.I. Single, graduated magna cum laude, worked her way up the ranks in a male-dominated office, had a soft spot for chocolate sundaes, and tended to forget meals when she was working on a hard case. But he also knew how beautiful she was when she let down her honey brown hair, and how flushed her skin became when she was sexually excited. He’d missed that look, missed the almost nightly interaction with her, but he’d obviously terrified her when he’d crooked his finger to her last week. And she’d overcome that to find her way here.

Silently, he went to her, careful not to startle her out of her sleep. With a gentle hand, he traced his fingertips over her face, lingering over the plump lines of her glossed lips. Slowly, he lowered his mouth to hers, tasting with tender nips as she stirred on the couch. When her eyes fluttered open, he gave her quick look, then captured her lips again. He felt her body begin to awaken, her response growing deeper as their tongues met and tangled. He didn’t stop her when she eased away a few precious inches.

“I…I want you,” she whispered against his lips, her voice raw. “I want…I want you to…to…”

He thought his heart had stopped. Just to make sure he hadn’t put the words he wanted to hear into her mouth, he stroked his fingertips over her jaw. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure. I want you…I want this. It’s the reason I came here tonight,” she replied softly.

He saw the truth in her face and nearly came undone. Growling deeply in his throat, he lowered his mouth to hers again, savoring the moist recesses with his searching tongue. She responded readily, meeting his growing demand with wild passion of her own. He’d fantasized about this, but the dreams hadn’t been close to the incredible reality.

With a firm, nearly violent tug he pulled her over him, cradling her body on top of his as they rolled onto the oriental style rug. His swollen member pressed insistently against the crook of her thighs, his length throbbing as it met her already scorching heat. With her mouth still clinging to his, she began to move against his hard shaft, silently pushing him toward insanity as she rode him in the mock sexual act. He heard her groan in delight and joined his movements to hers, determined to feel her self-control slip, to have her wild need let loose in his hands. Shoving his fingers into her hair, he gripped the long, thick tresses and gave a sudden jerk, pulling her head back to give him better access to the long column of her throat. Breaking free of her lips, he nipped his way across her jaw and down to the sensitive skin of her collarbone, licking and biting the fragrant flesh as he went.

He could hardly believe the sensations coursing through his body, setting him on fire. She was so responsive, so giving, that he thought she might kill him by desire with very little effort. And still he wanted more of her; he wanted her naked flesh against his as they drove each other up to their climaxes. With one rapid, sound move, he flipped their entwined bodies over, securing her beneath him. With his teeth scraping her neck and shoulders, he began pulling at the black buttons of her suit jacket. The moment he realized she was only covered by a few strips of flimsy lace, he growled with delight. Shoving the material aside, he began palming her fiery skin, skimming his way up her ribs to her full breasts. His nimble fingers kneaded the soft flesh, reveling in her gasps before plucking one protruding nipple through her white satin-trimmed bra.

Air rushed through her clamped teeth as tiny devils of heat danced up her spine and spread out to her already inflamed folds. She bowed into him as the sensations he created sliced down her chest and lodged in her quivering inner walls. God, he knew exactly where to touch, how to touch, and what way to touch to raise the red haze of passion. When his hands on her weren’t enough, she pulled at his shirt, her fingers unsteady from the desire that ricocheted through her blood. Frustration had her tearing at the dark T-shirt, desperate to stroke his heated skin. The material was too stubborn to give under her struggles, and she was grateful when he reached out to jerk the offending barrier off of his body for her.

Then they were skin on skin, the sensation of their eager, moist flesh touching so erotic that neither could move for a moment. But the overflow of desire was far too insistent to be denied, and their bodies soon began to move again, writhing against each other as they fed off of mutual fervor. They were nearly mindless as fingers wrestled with jeans, the rasping of his zipper more of a turn on than any word play either had experienced.

“God, you are beautiful,” he whispered huskily as he swept the last impediment of her delicate underwear away.

Her answer was a gasp when he lifted his mouth and pulled one hard nipple between his teeth. He sucked deeply, pulling at the taut flesh, sending quivers through her spine and down her thighs. She felt herself quicken, her limbs shivering with flames of desire.

“Oh, oh, you…I’m so…,” she moaned, her head falling forward as she struggled for air.

“Look at me,” he rasped, his eyes piercing hers as she stared, dazed, into his gaze. “This is real…this is me and you. Me and you…”

In a smooth move he rolled them over again, pulling her on top of his hard body. With his eyes still on her, he gently grasped her hips, pausing only a moment before his palms rocked her pelvis down. His rigid arousal glided inside of her in one long, easy motion.

She trembled as he filled her completely, her back curving as she pulled herself up above him. Her eyes stayed locked with his as she stared down at his flushed features through thick lashes. His gaze was fixed on her, the swirling green depths hard with unspent desire as she carefully positioned herself. A stream of power rolled through her blood, spearing her with wicked delight as it played through her system. Licking her lips, she watched in fascination as his nostrils flared and his stare flamed, her mouth lifting in a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin. She felt him chuckle underneath her, her breath escaping at the unexpected thrill of the sensation. His face, too, fell into the painful look of need as his laughter abruptly stopped. Gently, he began moving inside of her, small, tiny strokes that drove her half wild.

“Move with me,” he begged in a gravelly voice.

She complied immediately, her body lifting slowly then falling back just as carefully. She slid over him, her sensitive folds engulfing him over and over again, drawing him in then cruelly pulling away.

She gloried in the fact that he didn’t try to hurry her as she clung desperately to her composure. She had never been led so skillfully through the gates of sexual hell and toward the clouds of heaven. She sheathed him, then held him before moving away, setting an amazing, frustrating pace that drove them both up. She watched through slanted eyes as his jaw tightened spastically, his moans turning to tortured, guttural rasps. Her entire body began to pound in one heady beat; she couldn’t stop her lips from muttering breathy, incoherent words. She felt her skin flush to an incendiary level as the first shudders of her climax began to shiver through her.

Then suddenly his hand was there, his fingertips brushing her throbbing core as he gently coaxed her over the edge. She gasped at the sensation, her whole body going stiff as her rhythm went wild, her viciously slow ride atop him immediately forgotten. Just when she thought she might die of need he increased his tempo, lifting himself into her tight confines as he pushed her towards her orgasm.

She rode the scorching tidal waves as they rolled up her toes and down her shoulders and breasts simultaneously. Then they met and were crashing into her, the surges of her release smacking together with brilliant blues as the world splintered, the tiny shards raining down in ripples of dark release.

He felt her body shake and quiver, watched as ecstasy transformed her face from beautiful to ethereal while she screamed his name, and felt himself begin to explode with her. Her rhythmic tightening drove him completely over, catapulting him with swift fury into the stratosphere as he quaked with hard, full shudders.

When the last currents of release ebbed away, she collapsed on top of him, her hands splayed on his broad, sweaty chest. They lay together contentedly, still entangled as their pulses began to slow. With a gentle touch, he laid a soft kiss on her head, his arms going around her protectively .

“I missed you,” he told her softly.

“I…I missed you, too,” she confessed, her voice hitching with uncertainty.

He understood her hesitation; he was a virtual stranger, and she’d just given herself to him without the benefit of anything but their mutual desire. He could do something about her discomfort, though. Cradling her carefully, he rolled to his side and caught her wide whiskey toned eyes with his gaze.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving,” he said, tenderly tracing the outline of her swollen lips. “I know a great little pizza place a block away. Would you like to split a large with extra cheese?”

A slow, bright smile spread across her mouth, lighting her eyes as her features relaxed. “I’d love to, but I…” Her voice trailed away as she motioned towards her discarded jacket.

“We can stop by your office first so you can change clothes,” he promised.

Twenty minutes later they were headed towards the pizzeria, their hands clasped as they began their first, long overdue, conversation.