Jory to the World Cover
Big Bad Wolf Title

“What do you get when you age Little Red, make her a sweet, intelligent, talented woman, and pair her with the woodsman who also happens to be the wolf? You get this book! I always wondered why it was the wolf had to be a bad guy, and what would happen if the girl who strayed from the straight and narrow path became the very thing she was warned about. And while we’re at it, why not put her in the modern day setting, with modern day sensibilities, and make her independent…oh, and of course give her the same needs and desires as your average gal. Everyone I talked to about it thought it was a great idea, including my intrepid editor, and so Big Bad Wolf was born. I hope you enjoy this small expert from my BBW Shapeshifter Halloween novel.

The sound of her name said in that gravelly voice made her shiver. What would it sound like in the heat of passion? Would her name melt from his mouth like warmed chocolate, or would it reverberate like a live wire? The image of him above her, his naked, sweaty body sealed to hers, his large, rough hands squeezing her breasts, popped into her head. Her nipples immediately stirred and peaked, brushing against the material of her shirt.

“You, uh, can have the guest room.” His voice had deepened, the stubbled skin over his jaw and cheeks tightening. “I'll get the clean sheets.”

The thought of lying on a bed that he'd made for her, that his hands had been on, that might even still carry his scent, had her feeling crazed. She was losing it, absolutely losing it, when something like mundane house chores turned her wild. The poor man was being courteous, and here she was considering twenty different ways to have sex. She was sure he was regretting his offer of assistance by now.

Or was he?

Somehow, through the fog of her desire, she hadn't noticed where his gaze had landed. Now she could see that those heart-shaking baby blues were staring straight at her chest. Was he staring at her… Just to be sure, Vivien followed his line of sight, then let out a wavering breath when she realized that, yes, indeed, he was fixated on her breasts. A little voice in her head warned her that he might be annoyed with her physical reaction to him. That he might be worried because the sound of his voice had her nipples tight and aching. But the look on his face wasn't anything like that. In fact, it wasn't like anything she'd ever seen before.

“Rex?” His name was a whisper through the thickening air.

He licked his lips like a starving man staring at a Thanksgiving feast. Her entire body began to quiver, from the soles of her feet to the ends of her hair. Something incredibly warm unfurled inside of her, the languid waves cresting in long, slow, glorious heat. It filled her with inexplicable feelings of need. And she did need, desperately.

She wasn't sure who moved, not that it mattered. They were close now, chest to chest, toe to toe, and all she could think was how much she wanted him. She'd never been so single-minded about sex in her life, but right now she knew if he asked her to strip and do a pole dance, she wouldn't hesitate. Whatever he wanted, she'd do.

“We shouldn't.” His voice was a bare whisper.

“Okay.” Her reply was just as soft.

“We have to.”